Tuesday, April 28, 2015

All good things come to those who work hard and make sacrifices

After signing with starlets the butterflies came rushing in.  I could now break the good news to my daughter and get this party started. To see the pure joy in your child's face when you tell them that you've fulfilled your promise and there dreams of being a super star may come true is just pure bliss!. I told my daughter that this opportunity is not going to be handed to her that she has to work hard, deal with some disappointment, and make sacrifices.  When I went over these things with her she looked me dead in the face and said sell everything I have, ill work hard in school, and I will even give up my dolls. I knew right then we were all in! Of course I never sold everything she had or made her get rid of her dolls but to hear her say that only made me want this for her more.

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