Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Its hard work but it's worth it!

We are now signed up with Starlets. The first step is the paperwork. I must have spent several hours reading,  filling out, signing, scanning, copying, and sending paperwork. After that was complete I needed to build an online profile for my daughter with pictures and a basic resume of information. The next step was wait with patience. Day by day the scout and I would chat about how to make my daughters webpage perfect and he was there to answer any questions I may have. Meanwhile the scout was hard at work finding my daughter the perfect manager. A couple weeks had passed and I received a delightful  email saying Great news! We have an interested manager! Soon after I was  on a phone conference with our new manager from LA. He was such a delight! Telling us what he can do to get our daughter started in the industry but he had additional good news. Our soon to be manager already referred us to an agent yes! that fast!. Now we have more paperwork and additional online work to be done. But I was OK with that! So I complete the W9 form, sign another contract, book a one on one meeting with the agent in Miami FL, and created another website for our daughter. The websites that I am building with the help of the company is strictly for directors, agents, managers, scouts, and casting members. So I don't have to worry about weirdo's trying to violate our privacy. The hard work is now done and we are on our way to Miami FL for our mini vacation getaway.

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