Monday, May 4, 2015

A little about why I am doing this.

When kids watch their favorite television shows they see all the positive aspects of what it takes to become famous. "Oh I can easily do that!" They say. Most kids these days don't realize the sacrifices that are involved in just getting started much less once the ball starts rolling. Very few kids dedicate themselves in going all the way. One thing that drives me crazy is those parents that force their children into becoming a cash cow. You know spray tanning their kids, yelling and screaming at them to do something they never wanted in the first place, making them wear makeup, and turning a three year old into a forty year old. Have you ever seen the show Toddlers and Tierra's? Yuk!  Hey parents! Your kids are not robots! Just because you made them it doesn't mean you own their lives! So many people try to live their lives through there children. When it comes to my daughter that is not the case. My dream for my children is that they follow their hearts and dreams all they way. My kids happiness is number one. When my daughter came to me and told me that this was her dream I didn't run out and start entering her into pageants. I simply sat back and watch to see if it was a phase. It took about five years for me to believe this was my daughters true passion. Once I realized that I moved forward with all my might. To know me is to love me or hate me. Why do I say that? Let me explain... I am a never ending puzzle of imagination and secrets. I absorb everything around me and marinate in all the good and expel all of the bad. I am direct and strong willed but I know my limits and I do not take risks for the sake of self gratification. I asked God to make me a mother and promised to be good at it. I am aimed at not disappointing him. Now getting back to my daughter. I know that at the age of ten a child can change there point of view in life. Today she may want to be a superstar but tomorrow she may want to be a doctor. I keep this in mind when I go through this process and I say we will take it day by day. Before I initially started this my husband and I went over all the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication with our daughter and we told her this was her opportunity to get out, That once we started there was no turning back. We explained that this was team work and that this wasn't a game. After telling her all this we gave her a week to process it and we would reconvene the following week for her to give us a heart felt answer. We also promised her we would support her either way. A week later she said " Mom and Dad I want this more then anything! I promise I will give it my all but I cannot promise I will be what they want.". I knew then we were in for an adventure. I know as we go along in this process we will have skeptical people who laugh amongst themselves and say this is all hype and nothing will come of it. Truthfully maybe they are right. No one truly knows the day they will be discovered. Some get discovered on the internet, some get discovered at work, some get discovered in alleyway's, and some get discovered by chance. I teach my children to live their lives always with a co pilot. That co pilot is God. If it is his will then he will make the way. I say this and close with an. Amen.

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