Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Heading home

Unfortunately not going to the beach was a bummer but seeing Miami was a good enough experience and it gives us a destination place to look forward to for our next visit. It was about four o clock in the pm and we had a five hour drive home. Since my husband drove down I took the liberty of driving home giving everyone the chance to sleep a bit. I have to say it was quite nice and peaceful. About two hours into the drive my leg started cramping up and pain started shooting down my left leg. I didn't want to disturb my husband because he was sleeping so sound. So I started adjusting myself as I was driving to alleviate the pain. I had to do this about every twenty minutes and then eventually my left leg went numb. I was just happy the pain was gone. Driving home I got to explore the wonders of Florida such as rain clouds to the left of me and blue skies to the right. At one point I drove through a torrential down pour and within three minutes it was blue skies again.

In the summers of  Florida it doesn't get dark until around eight thirty at night. One of my favorite things about the drive home was being able to see the skyway bridge light up right before the sunset.  I was so beautiful.

When we got about an hour away from our home sweet home front destination my car campers decided they were hungry again. So we made a pit stop at a local gas station for a quick stretch and snack. Oh I felt so sorry for the gas station attendant. My poor tired son spilled a thirty two ounce drink all over there floor. Now he says the cup cracked and it simply spilled out. Guess we will never know.

We were relieved to finally get home. We needed showers and believe it or not we were still tired. I guess we were tired of being tired. We praised one another for being so well behaved and said a family prayer thanking God for our safe journey.

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