Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our mini vacation is not quite over yet!

Our mini vacation was a concentrated treat of sights and memories. Who says you need a long vacation? You can pack all of your fun into just a day and that's just what we did. We knew our drive home would seem longer then the drive down to Miami because we were all tired. I wasn't quit ready to give up on our vacation just yet. I wanted to see the beach. One of the best known beaches in Florida. Miami Beach.

 Heading towards Miami beach wasn't to far out of our way. It only took us about twenty minutes. I couldn't wait to see the beautiful blue water and feel the warm white sand beneath my feet. I was also excited to see the culture of Miami and share that culture with my children. Once we reached our beach destination we discovered we were in for quite a ride. Have you ever been to New York or watched a movie that gave you an inside glimpse of how the traffic is  in these crazy places? Well I am here to testify that populated places such as New York, Vegas, and Miami are crazy when it comes to traffic! What you see on TV is very real. Once we got into the beach area we were surrounded by cars, motorcycles, and bikes.  It didn't matter how fast or how accurate you were driving if you didn't get a horn blown at you at least once a minute then your in the wrong place. Driving from one parking area to another we were unsuccessful at finding a place to park our car. So we stopped a local and asked for assistance. He was a very kind man who wanted to help but he was dealing with a problem of his own. He was waiting for the police because his van was rear ended. Poor guy. All he could do was tell us to park miles away and basically pray. lol  We said maybe another day. We needed to get home and at this rate we were not making very good time as it is. Miami will be back and ready to take on your traffic because one way or another we will see your beaches!

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