Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Miami here we come!

We all know that most people love road trip's.  To view different sights and meet different types of people is exciting.  I know going from a silent small town to a tropical oasis such as Miami was a vacation in itself.  Of course I wanted to view the side of Florida that I never got a chance to see ,but we were here for business and meeting our families new agent was number one on our to do list!

I guess my husband and I could say we have OCD. OK I am  just kidding but for some reason we are always two hours early to our destination.  We didn't want to seem anxious so we went for lunch. It was nice to view the area looking for a quick bite to eat before our big meeting. Kristal's restaurant was the lunch choice of the day. I know  it seems like a thrifty choice for food in Miami  but we were on a budget and it pleased our pallet's at the time.
Now that we were done with lunch we headed back to the address that was given to us in the initial confirmation email. Once we got there we were greeted by a door man who politely let us in. The place was quiet and there wasn't a soul around. So we gazed  at our phones and pictures on the walls until our agent arrived. Instantly she said " Your early ". I assumed it was a good thing. She had a few other families to meet that day and lucky for us  she met with us early. It was such a wonderful experience. She was professional and yet straight forward about the industry and what she required from our daughter. The agent asked our daughter to give her a small audition to see what she can do.  Of course our little angel sparkled like a diamond. Soon after a director joined the meeting and was just in love with our little girl. 

Sitting across the table the director smiling from ear to ear asked our daughter Jessica one question after another. Like a grown girl Jessica replied back not only with confidence and a smile on her face but with eye contact as well. In the modeling and acting industry you must have all of these qualities to succeed. There is no age acceptance for a dry personality. You must stand out above the rest.  After our meeting was over we left with even more hope then we had before.

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